"The City Guide for The Visually-Disabled" designed for accessing data of approximately 15000 important places, bus stops and pharmacies on duty through the open source "Loadstone GPS" software application that can be installed on mobile phones is put into service by the Geographic Information Systems department of Izmir Metropolitan Municipality.

For using the guide, "Talks" application that converts displayed text into speech on phones is also required besides "Loadstone GPS" application installed on the mobile phone with the Symbian platform and built-in GPS.

In order to access to help files about software installation and data transferring to the application, you must fill in the form completely through the following link. Information on this form will ensure updating for the database of visually-disabled people; faster and more planned service for them and keep them aware of new developments. Moreover you can access frequently asked questions about using the guide through the following link.

IMPORTANT WARNING: Loadstone GPS application does not provide routing information for queried locations. The data given are only the distance and direction to the queried location. Therefore, users must take into consideration natural or other obstacles, and danger and risks that can stem from them while moving in the direction of the location given. The application identifies the direction by taking a line as a reference which is formed from the last two points reported by GPS. As the direction can be idenfied properly by this method, users must be on the move (in any direction) while querying.

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